Hi everyon1, here is Mouri Ran...^^

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Hi everyon1, here is Mouri Ran...^^

Post by Mouri Ran on Mon Feb 11, 2008 1:45 pm

Hi every1 I am Mouri Ran known as Mouri around the Net...ummm I dunno why I just decided to make a website/forum maybe because I want to have fun...well honestely I have no idea why...but it doesnt bother right, I made a place where u guys can have fun...like really fun...CRAZINESS!!!

well to start with me:
I am a girl and that u know I guess ;P I am 16 years old will turn 17 soon...and...umm doesnt matter where I live...my hobbis arent importnat either...and....well I love wasting time on the Net...u can call it a bad habit..but thats it ...I have no idea what to say just welcome everyone and thanx alot of joining my site ^^

ENJOY!! ^^
Mouri Ran

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